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of the cheapest wax pens on the market. We carry domed and dome-less nails of glass, quartz, titanium, and ceramic to get your glass ready for dabbing. If you need water filtration then this will do the trick without a shadow of a doubt. Expert Review.1 Score ThisThingRips stok Edition One Dont look directly at this all-white pen style vape from ThisThingRips you might just blind yourself. Portability isnt a problem, despite the fact that the Barb Fire is quite bulky you will have no problems bringing it around. The battery lifes not too bad either, so its great for on-the-go. The vapor is rich and dense, it will raise eyebrows for the size that. Expert Review.4 Score Exxus Go The Exxus Go is not quite sure what it wants to be, cold pressed oil vs expeller pressed is it a portable? The design is simple, straight forward and packs a punch with each draw. Theres nothing notably bad to write about and one pretty admirable feature is that Kandypens offers free lifetime coil replacements. Main Vape Shop have down-stems, bowls, recyclers, and ash-catchers to upgrade the look and functionality of your glass piece. At our store you can buy good gifts from gifted companies and gifted people. We worked with the best ecig manufacturers on the planet to push the boundaries of existing ecig battery technology. Expert Review.3 Score Source Slim 3 A pretty cool looking, elegant device that is supposed to be portable but in fact, is quite awkward in the pocket. Expert Review.9 Score. Cheap kanthal ecig coils can actually be dangerous because the metal can actually be vaporized causing you to inhale metallic particles. This vaporizer has a maximum output of 842 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to fully vaporize the wax concentrates efficiently. Now thats something all manufacturers could learn from. With that in mind, the tiny device packs a punch, you cant fill the chamber too much but it definitely makes use of what you do manage to get in there with a dual-coil atomizer. It features a standard dual coil quartz atomizer mounted on a standard 650mah battery.

The unit has no flexibility when it comes to temperature. Expert bars Review, expert Review, get the best quality and value by buying your next drip tip direct from Mig Vapor 4 Score xvape Muse This tiny unit is unique in that it is both a vaporizer and a pen. But the build quality is quite high. It also lacks an LED indicator light. In the literal sense that you can actually use it to make marks on paper.

A Glass Globe Vaporizer from King Pen Vapes comes fully equipped with the glass globe attachment, charger, and a carry case to keep everything safe.Order today and GET free shipping!

The Prism from Kandypens seems to achieve that offering a varied vaping experience thanks to a ceramic bowl and singlerod quartz dome coil. Wow, it comes with a stylish carrying case and charges via pen USB. The Source ORB 4 Signature Kit comes packed with 8 atomizers. Really 0 Score Vapir Pen The Vapir pen is designed specifically for wax concentrates.

We stock in International and Local Kansas City Talent.Mig Vapor pioneered the category of dry herb vape tanks.This multi-purpose device is supposed to be able to handle wax and dry-herbs but it doesnt do either wellits just too hot.

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The company is known for making very average devices. Sizes 7 Score Yocan Evolve The Yocan Evolve is a basic starter wax pen that can pack a punch. Specs Price, the Source Orb 4 Premium Kit adds portability to this premium wax pen with its 650mah pen battery giving you a full day of vaping. It has a built in NoGoo jar which is mean to keep concentrate from sticking and avoid waste. A chamber and a mouthpiece, our Vape Shop carry glass pipes in all shapes.


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