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for the low back and neck regions. More than 34 of our readers have noticed a clear connection between sitting still for a long time, staying in the same position, and occurrence of pain in the spinal region. Analgetic drugs can remove pain syndrome quite promptly, but they dont affect its cause in any way. When you go in for sports, you should observe the safety rules, try not to overstrain the muscles. That is why these animals fatigue strength is more. Most of the worlds adult population suffers from back pain. Only a small per cent of lucky ones can avoid getting to know lumbago or other unpleasant sensations in the spine region. Besides, manual therapy and traction still remain leaders by the number of aggravations. As the result of the increased static load, the spinal muscles are overstrained and get numb, the blood runs off, and the cells cease to receive sufficient nutrition. Doing gymnastics without previous warming-up exercises can lead to microtraumas of spinal muscles, which cause acute pain. Changes in the cartilaginous tissue result in decreased distance between the discs. And if you have tissue microruptures, TE and walks will not help in this case you will need rest and pain-relieving medications. The effectiveness of this or that remedy doesnt depend so much on its pain-relieving effect as on its ability to eliminate the very source of the problems. The irony is that there is a stable relation between lumbago occurring after overstrain, and the sedentary life. Bed rest and taking medications are required when one has an acute pain caused by microtraumas of muscles, inflammation and compression of spinal nerves. Bed regime and pharmaceutical drugs, sometimes bed regime and complete rest are they only way of fighting pain syndrome. Excessive load during traction, or wrong choice of manipulations during manual therapy can cause pain to become more severe. Manual therapy and traction have proven less effective for fighting pain, as only 9 and 7 of those asked are used to relying on them, while 5 of the respondents have confessed that they dont use any of the aforesaid remedies when they have back.

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One may tear their back after carrying a couple of heavy bags from the shop or moving back neck pain relief exercises an armchair. Even the most simple stretch increases the distance between the discs. Which are no less harmful for the spine. So one must not disobey the schedule of medication intake and its dosage. Eliminating the cause of the pain and stopping the compression syndrome from developing. The spasm causes pain and the pain continues provoking spasmodic symptoms.

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And it is moderate physical activity. Gymnastics doesnt act on hashoil the pain itself but on its causes. That is, you would have to change your lifestyle. To get rid of backaches forever. Doing these asanas will increase fatigue strength.

Irrespective of your age, exercises for stretching of the spine would be useful.The pain may result from excessive load on the back.Whereas in dogs, cats, tigers heart is located parallel to the spine/body level and hence supplying blood throughout body from head to toe is possible with much less blood pressure.

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For example, they fight the symptoms, sportsmen can lift much heavier weights without any risk to harm their spine because the welldeveloped spinal muscles can sustain the strain with no problems. There is a direct relationship between the lifestyle and development of spinal disorders. They can affect liver function, there are 23 of the respondents who are ready to resort to one of these remedies in a critical situation. Antiinflammatory nonsteroidal drugs are meant for removal of inflammation 186 respondents 16 have confessed that nothing helps them when they have a backache. Drugs of the muscle relaxants group can solve this problem effectively. And the second effective method of pain syndrome relieving after TE and walks has turned out to be pharmaceuticals they help 15 of those asked 170 respondents. At the same time, but why have gymnastics and walks turned out to be more effective than painkilling medicines developed by pharmacists.


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